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by Samuel on December 24, 2012

The federal Student aid is a US Government funded program that offers thousands of students aspiring to go to college or pursue career schools the adequate amount of fund necessary to pay for their college. A part of the US Department of Education these programs offer more than $150 Billion in federal grant each year to students all across America. More than 15 million students take advantage of these programs and pursue their dreams of having a college degree or finishing career schools.

This website, www.fafsa.ed.gov imparts information to students and their families about the availability of federal student grants under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, along with the eligibility criterion and the process of applying for the same. The same information available on the website is also available with the Financial Aid office of the college where you’re studying. There are many other charitable and public foundations which also offer students the necessary information to understand the available programs and his/her eligibility for the same.

There are many different types of loans and grants available for the average American student. Grants denotes the financial aids that financial aids that do not come with a repayment clause. However in the event you withdraw from the school and you owe a refund, then the amount has to be returned back. The second type of financial aid is loans. This has a repayment clause. The borrower has to repay the same along with interest after completion of schooling. Work-study is the third type of financial aid in which a work program is offered to you and you can earn money in order to repay for your college expenses.

All these loans and grants are applicable to students who fulfill the following criteria:

The student has to be a citizen of USA and or a non-citizen who has a valid Social Security Number. You will also need to have High School Diploma or a Certificate of General Education Development, or must have completed home schooling or have passed a test which will determine your “ability to benefit”. These loans and grants are awarded subject to that you’re making satisfactory academic progress post the awarding. It is also required if you’re a male and within the ages of 18 and 25 that you must register for selective service. If you’re a member of the US military services and currently not on active duty, then also you need to register.

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Karen Redstone February 6, 2013 at 7:39 pm

I never to college neither did my husband. He is a carpenter by trade myself a manicurist,I am now disabled due to a car accident. My daughter wants to go to college has been accepted but cannot find the funds to help her go. She moved to New York to go to school she moved into her boyfriends apt. and is now almost done with her savings. WE cannot afford to send her to school or help her live.She is going to have to apply for welfare to live. This is something she has always wanted to do go to college. She is acepted BUT, she is having a very tough time getting aid. Please PLEASE tell me what she can apply for fasfa only 1800.00 not enough to get her a Bachlor Degree. Please tell me what to do.


James Gilbert Randle February 14, 2013 at 9:08 pm

How are you, the last time that I was in college was back in 1979. I attended Meramac College. I had attempted to fill out the application on this website, however, It did not work. I had also filed for a new pin number. I really do not know what to do next. I would care to be a student of the University of Phoenix. I have filled out all the information with them, I just can not login. Will you please send me an email, teaching me how and what I should do?


David Wilford Sr. February 16, 2013 at 3:09 pm

I was granted a Pell Grant in 2011 and attended classes on line maintaining above average grades until I became sick and contend attend classes any longer. After a year of being disabled, I received noticed from Fanny May I owed money for classes taking. How is this possible, when the class taken were paid for by the Pell Grant. I would appreciate any opinion anyone might have on my problem.


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